Portable Bunk House

Portable Bunk House is designed using sturdy, soundproof, waterproof material. Portable Bunk House is properly insulated, which keeps interior ambient cool and relaxing.
Portable Bunk House comes with essential facilities such as windows, electrical fitting, including vinyl carpets, excellent interiors, kitchen, bathrooms, plumbing, and water storage.
With these facilities, our Portable Bunk House is suitable to be used as labor homes at construction sites, as residential homes, labour homes, at construction sites.

* Comprehensive and highly productive structural designed.
* Can be moved from one site to another, saving time and money without dislocating anything in the cabin.
* Standard maintained by the company in design & development.
* High heat insulation properties keeps the interior cool and comfortable.
* Offering more option more choice in furniture and fixtures.
* They are water tight and provide durable resistance to extreme weather conditions.
* Low cost Houses

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